Monday, October 31, 2005

Debate in the Comments

I've been having a "debate" with two anonymous posters in the comments section of my last post (the one about Joe Wilson). Here is the latest comment by me..................

"Well I guess the anonymous poster (fellow christian) has disappeared. Too bad, I was really looking forward to what charge he/she would bring against me.

This poster pops into the middle of a conversation between myself and another anonymous poster and accuses me of being a person who "who claim they are Christians in this country spreading hatred and claiming that all Christians believe this or that."

When I responded, assuming it was the original anonymous poster, they posted this....."I am not the same person who posted previously. Your assumption is incorrect. I posted about learning in church that Christians are tolerant, forgiving, and conduct themselves in the image of the Lord. May I ask where you go to church sir? I would like to understand how a Christian organization could foster a person with such anger and bitterness.".....and signed off "A fellow christian"

Isn't it rich when a person attacks you with a baseless slur like that, doing the very thing they are charging another with?

Life is full of such rich examples of hypocracy, especially within the church (meaning the entirety of christendom).

So I pointed out that this person was violating the rules laid out in the bible for "confronting" a fellow believer who "sins" against you, and asked the person to make a specific charge.

Anyone want to lay down the odds of that happening.

In the meantime, the original poster reads my response to the "fellow christian" poster and assumes I am responding to him/her, and gets all bent out of shape because I pointed out the lack of righteousness in fellow christians attack

I guess we have two Bush haters who can't follow the thread of comments posting under the uncommon name "anonymous". No wonder were all confused.

So, to end the confusion I gave anonymous poster #1 the last word, which I don't think he/she used very well ("sticks and stones...etc.) and am posting this recap.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The truth about Joseph Wilson

***UPDATE*** Since I posted this the Special Prosecutor indicted Scooter Libby on Purgery and Obstruction of Justice charges. The same charges that Clinton plead guilty to and Martho Stewart was convicted of. The prosecutor has obviously determined that no crime was committed in the "leaking" of Ms. Plames identity but has possibly trapped Libby in misstatements. Who knows what will come of that.

What has still not happened is the truth about Plame and Wilson come out in the MSM. Read the Weekly Standard (here, here, and here)articles for a clear picture of who Plame and Wilson are and what they tried to do to the President. Read the comments below to get a picture of what sort of thinking (or lack thereof) is behind the "Bush lied" mentality that nearly half the voters in America have. It's amazing that the half that hates Bush doesn't understand what their hatred says about the half of us that love him.

There is currently a grand jury investigation into the "leaking" the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame. The investigation seems to be focused on two high level members of the Bush administration..........Karl Rove and Scooter the source of the leaks. There is a great deal of speculation about possible indictments coming down in the case. I'm predicting that there will be no indictments, and here's why............There is a very high likelyhood that Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame are the source of the "leak" about her status as a "covert" CIA operative. Why do I believe this? It's a long and very boring story and it starts with Wilson's trip to Niger to "investigate" Iraq's supposed interests in buying "Yellowcake" uranium from African nations. The facts on this investigation are laid bare in this article in The Weekly Standard by Stephen F. Hayes

Hayes makes the case that Wilson and Plame set out to sabotage the President's campaign by creating the illusion that the CIA had informed Bush that Iraq was not trying to obtain Yellowcake. Clearly there is plenty of evidence that Iraq was indeed trying to buy the stuff. But Wilson and Plame were able to get the media to spin the story the way they.........longtime democrat activists.............wanted it spun

You see, it's easy for the media to make false charges and drum up a case where there is none, but it's difficult to make that case hold up in court when all the facts are brought in by agressive defense attorneys.

I think if the prosecutor, Fitzgerald, brings indictments he will be placing many journalists and others (CIA types) in the hotseat where the whole truth will come out. My thoughts are that the anti-Bush forces do not what the whole truth out and are pressing hard to keep the Grand Jury from indicting. Afterall, the harm they wanted done to Bush has already been done.

**NOTE** I began writing this a week or so ago, but much has happened in the case since then and today I am not so confident that there will be no indictments. Rumors today are that Fitzgerald is considering "Obstruction of Justice" or "Perjury" charges, meaning there was no "illegal outting" of Plame's identity in the first place but he thinks someone lied to cover up the crime that never happened. It may be that the anti-Bush forces are dumber than I thought.

Of course if there are indictments the defense will aggressively lay out the case that Plame and Wilson's planned to damage Bush's campaign in cahoots with the media. They will also go after the media who is attempting to hide their other "anonymous sources". Everyone who testifies will try to cover their hinnys by outting whoever the real "rats" in this case, bringing the anti-Bush chickens home to roost, which will amount to a major public opinion win for Bush and loss for his enemies.

Does anyone still have doubts that the MSM is biased against the war?

If you do have such doubts, read this post by Michelle Malkin to rid yourself of them. It's a very sad statement of our times when blogs are the only source of truthtelling.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who would be happy that 2000 service men and women have died in Iraq?

The Bush hating left of course. Check out these photos of the somber ceremonies held last night to mark the "milestone" of 2000 KIA in Iraq. Do they look happy to you? They look happy to me.

I guess they could chalk it up to their psychosis, but then they would have to admit that their hatred of President Bush is Pathologically Psychotic (is that redundant?)

The Ivy League Glee Club is doing backflips over Miers withdrawing her nomination

I have quit listening to the Laura Ingraham radio show, but turned it on for a few minutes this morning because I had a hunch she would be rejoicing over the news that Harriet Miers has withdrawn herself from consideration for the Supreme Court. (Ingraham and other self appointed saviors of conservatism in America have savaged President Bush and the Miers appointment for the past three weeks. Ingraham went so far as to say "It doesn't matter how she votes on issues..........", declaring the new litmus test for court appointees to be that they pass muster with her and her group.....Ivy league lawyers one and all)

I was correct in my hunch about how these conservofascists would be reacting this morning. Ingraham and her radio cohorts were talking about how Robert Bork would be doing backflips this morning because he "finally got back at Spector" (Senator Spector being one republican senator that voted against Bork as a SCOTUS nominee). Then John Fund came on the show with Laura and they gave high fives and slapped each other on the back, talking about how "courageous" each other is and what a "great day" this is for America.

I turned it off and will have no need to turn it back western music is far more enlightening.

They won this battle, and in the end turned out to be right. If Miers could not stand up the the bullying of the conservofascists who were savaging her she does not belong on the court. But in the big scheme of things, it's the democrats and the leftists who have won. The left has long believed that special interest groups such as the ACLU and Planned Parenthood should determine who gets appointed for SCOTUS (that's Supreme Court of The U.S.).

The conservofascists have declared the left to be right on that issue

Saturday, October 22, 2005

A case might be made for "Assisted Suicide"

Lashuan Harris stripped her three young boys naked and dropped them from a pier into the frigid northern California ocean. The boys, ages 1, 2, and 6, are dead. She is in jail on murder charges, but because she suffers from "pshychotic episodes" she is under "Suicide Watch"

Might this be a case where Physician Assisted Suicide is in order?

Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm wondering about something

Sometimes things happen, insignificant things, that get me wondering about how other people operate. For instance.............This morning at 6:55 I walk up to my local Starbucks and there is a line of people, up to and out the door, waiting to order their drinks. I have stood in that line many times wondering who the Bozo was that designed that particular Starbucks, where there is plenty of space in the store but seemingly nowhere for the line to go but out the door...... but that's not what I was wondering today. Today, when it came to my turn to stand in the door blocking the way in and out, I took two steps sideways, into a small seating area around the side of the counter, making room for 5 or 6 more people to get inside, then watched in amazement as everyone behind me simply stood in the doorway It was as though they thought that if they moved to where I was they would lose their place in line.

I can only imagine what the other people in that line were thinking or not thinking. Perhaps in their minds the old adage "the shortest way from point A to point B is a straight line" is so set in their minds they can't imagine a line that wraps around the counter. Maybe they are simply afraid to do something other than what everyone else is doing. Or maybe it's as simple as their brain does not kick into gear until the caffeine enters their system.

So here's what I am asking readers to do..........try to imagine the situation and tell me what a person standing in the doorway is thinking as the line out the door lengthens and people maneuver past trying to exit the building..........

A) They are not thinking at all
B) "I'm in the door and that's all that matters"
C) "There is nothing but a straight line between me and a cup of coffee" they aren't
moving any direction but forward.

D) anything other than I've imagined

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Elitism is at the core of the Anti-Mier voices....Bork proves it

Judge Robert H. Bork, who talked his way out of a seat on the U.S. Supreme court (by that I mean he droned on and on for hours about the intricacies of his judicial values) has now talked himself off my list of favorite conservatives. His commentary today in the Opinion Journal lets the entire world know that the power behind the conservative anti-Miers voices is elitism. By that I mean to say that Bork, and other conservatives.......John Fund, Laura Ingraham, George Will.......think that only a person with a certain level (determined by them of course) of constitutional law practice in their background is qualified to sit on the Supreme court.

Bork says that President Bush has......."taken the heart out of a rising generation of constitutional scholars".......meaning that all these scholars (I'm sure he could give us a list of names.......himself included) have worked so hard to get on the supreme court just to have their hopes dashed by the appointment of this..............this...............nobody.

According to Bork Harriet Miers "has no known experience with constitutional law and no known opinions on judicial philosophy". I guess he must not know that for the past five years Ms. Miers has worked closely with Bush on every single judicial appointment he has made. Those appointments include assessing the constitutional values of each nominee. Do you suppose that Bush and Miers ever discussed what her values are? couldn't be that easy.

He says that "The administration's defense of the nomination is pathetic", and on that note I must agree with him. If I were Bush I'd come right out and say "It's my choice to make and I made it............and frankly Miers has more common sense than Bork could ever hope to have".

But the thing that really turned me off about Bork's comments was when he called us (Miers appointment supporters) "moderate (i.e. lukewarm) conservatives". Those are fighting words and Bork deserves to have the smirk wiped right off his wild whiskered face.

The supreme court does need constitutional law experts as justices; currently there are nine of them. But it also needs people who by God's grace are given generous portion of reality based common sense

For instance......Are the words "One nation under God" in the Pledge unconstitutional? Duh.........NO!! Is there a "right to privacy" that allows the indiscriminate killing of unborn babies? WHAT?..........OF COURSE NOT!!! Can a city take your house and give it to another person so higher taxes are paid on it? GET REAL AND GET OUT OF HERE. NEXT CASE

How would Bork answer those questions? I'll never know because I'd fall asleep listening to the answers.

**UPDATE** The list of my favorite conservatives is growing shorter by the minute. Today Ann Coulter uses her guillotine in to chop the head off the "Common Sense" is good for the Supreme Court argument for Harriet Miers (read the commentary here). She claims "It was 'common sense' to allow married couples to buy contraception in Connecticut. That was a decision an randomly selected group of nine good bowlers might well hav concurred with on the grounds that, 'well, it's just common sense, isn't it?".

I'm guessing that Ms. Coulter's mind can't allow for the fact that common sense would say "isn't that the state's call" to the examples she gives. Clearly she has imputed to common sense the foul deeds of agenda driven judges.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Powerline blog and the Harriet Miers appointment

This morning I read this post by Scott (the trunk) Johnson on Powerline. I especially took note of him saying that the appointment of Harriet Miers is a "blunder of major proportions". After a week of spinning like whirligigs the anti Miers conservatives seem to have settled onto the "She may end up being a good supreme court justice, but her appointment was a mistake because it snubbed Bush's conservative base" argument.

I sent Powerline the following e-mail....................

Dear Powerline guys.............Scott in particular

The "trust me" argument from the President may not be good enough for you (it should be) but it is for me, and most other supporters of GWB. He has a 100% success record in nominating conservative/constructionists for judicial nominations. Harriet Miers has been involved in every one of those appointments. GWB has earned our trust on this issue. The saddest thing about all of this arguing is that you (those who think the appointment is a "blunder of major proportions") don't think he has earned your trust.

Yesterday Laura Ingraham asked Fred Barnes if "results are all that mattered" in the supreme court. Confidently he answered "Yes". Laura huffed and said "Uh Hmmm"...........I could almost see her looking down her nose over horned rim glasses. To Laura it wouldn't matter if a Justice Miers voted correctly every single time.........Laura is right and that's that.

For those of you who disagree with the appointment it all comes down to you thinking you knew who was best for the job. Harriet Miers may very well vote ther correct way (from a conservative perspective) on every issue, but to you it will still have been the wrong appointment.

(I've made a few corrections and clarifications to the e-mail in tis post so my point is more clearly apologies to the Powerline guys if what I sent them wasn't a clear)

Best Regards
Geoff Milke.......

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Are there no heroes to write about?

When was the last time you heard on the TV news or read in a newspaper about the heroic actions or US soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines? I cannot recall a single instance since November 2004, when the marines cleared Fallujah of it's terrorists. We hear plenty about the service members killed or injured every day, and we hear plenty about supposed abuses of detainees, but not about what OUR men and women are doing to save lives and free Iraq and Afghanistan from terrorists.

Bing West writes about the lack of news relating to the hundreds, or thousands, of acts of heroism during OIF in this article. You can read about who Mr. West is at his website. He has just released a book titled NO TRUE GLORY....A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah.

The names or America's military heros should be part of our everyday lives. Radio, TV and newspapers should give us facts about who these men and women are and why their actions are important. Otherwise pride in our military will be weakened as the Cindy's (mother of hero Casey Sheehan) and the Osama's tell the world how evil we are.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

President Bush....steadily saving the US ....

President Bush is working diligently and humbly to save the United States from enemies on all fronts. He is winning the war on terrorism even though most of the world wishes him to fail. He doesn't blow his own horn even when it means his poll numbers drop. I believe that he would rather win the war and be the most hated man on earth than lose the war and be as popular as Mother Teresa.

He is also winning the cultural war here at home by changing the direction of the Judiciary. His appointment of John Roberts surprised everyone, both left and right, and might just leave an everlasting thumbprint of correct judgments for all Americans. Now his pick of Harriet Miers to replace Sandra Day O'Connor looks to me like another incredibly wise move. In Ms. Miers Bush has quietly slipped in an evangelical Christian fundamentalist with no paper trail for the left to consume and regurgitate. The leftist senators on the Judiciary committee will have nothing to attack but her religious beliefs, and when they do so they will be exposed as the shallow and self serving idiots they really are.

As for all the conservatives who are droning on and on about what a bad choice she is.........well........they are ranting foolishly and will soon realize the error of their rants.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

SPAM in the comments?

Readers of this blog will be noticing many comments "Deleted by Administrator". It seems SPAMers have figured out how to post spam in the comments section of blogs (I hope I'm not the only one this is happening to). Comments like this........."I really like your blog. It's one of the top3 I read. I have my own website which I hope you will visit. www.I'"

No more than a minute after I posted my last entry there was a spam comment. I'm really mad, but too tired to do anything but delete the comment. I take solace that hell holds a special corner for spammers.

Update on Reflections From The Battlefield

Last night my wife Clyrinda (otherwise known as My Song of Solomon 2:14 if you want to know why I call her "my Dove") and I had some special guests for dinner...........our dear friends Robert and Valerie Busse along with their friends Pastor Ryan Krause and his wife Kellee. I blogged on Pastor Ryan's book Reflections From The Battlefield about 5 posts or so down from this one. Pastor Ryan is also a Chief Petty Officer and Corpsman attatched to the Marines at Camp Pendleton. Also joining us for dinner was our son Lcpl Tyler and his friend Lcpl Jeremy (in case his parents read this...............which is extremely unlikely..............Jeremy's last name is Maser). A wonderful time was had by all, and the food was excellent, but something stood out to me about the evening, a simple truism I think. When marines are present the Corps is the main topic of matter how hard the ladies try to steer the conversation in other directions.

Pastor Ryan has been attatched to the Corps for nearly his entire 15 years in the Navy. It would be understatement to say that he thinks highly of marines. Pastor Ryan has been deployed to Somalia once and Iraq twice. He has had more than enough of "war" than needed to tell great stories in a roomful of guys. Yet he listened so intently as two twenty year old grunts talked about conditions in Husaybah, Iraq. Though Ryan faced daily shelling by the insurgents his eyes lit up as the "boys" talked about a certain mortar attack upon Camp Gannon. And when the boys left for the evening (they can't be expected to spend an entire evening with a bunch of "old" folks now can they?) the concern Ryan has for them was evident in his wishes for a safe deployment next year.

It's very clear to me that God has a plan for Ryan that not only involves pastoring a church, or caring for wounded marines as a corpsman, or communicating to the world through his writing. Ryan is an encourager of others, amply gifted for the calling. the dinner table the subject of my blog came up. Ryan asked what was the name if it? Senor Lechero I replied. "I just read it the other day............good blog..........and by the way......the link to the story about my book is no longer active.................". So the point of this post was to let anyone who tried to read about Ryan's book that the link is good again.

If you want to order the book visit this web site

Thank you all for reading this.