Thursday, March 26, 2009


The post below was intended to point out the absurdity of the outrage against the AIG bonuses. Yesterday an AIG executive had his resignation letter posted in the New York Times. I hope all the self righteous taxpayers who berated the AIG execs. read it and feel good about stealing the man's compensation.

Then today it comes out that Rahm Emmanuel was on the board of Fanny Mae. He apparently sat in on 6 board meetings, for which he was compensated over $350,000....a nice gig if you can get one.

Coincidentally, over the last couple of days the dems and their allies in the media have been silent on the AIG bonus issue. You don't suppose they are trying to keep their chickens from roosting do you?

The U.S.ofA. is currently run by the biggest bunch of hypicrites ever to walk the earth.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Investing in punishment

The first time I remember hearing Democrats use the term "Investment" to describe increased taxes was during the G. H. W. Bush administration. He promised "No new taxes" but under pressure from a Democratic Congress he broke that promise. The Dems claimed "Investment" was needed to end the tiny recession, but what they meant was..."We need to raise taxes so we can increase government programs". Bush bought it and the rest is history. Since then the Dems pretty much use the term non stop in their push for higher taxes.

Of course the historical Republican response is "We don't want to punish hard work by increasing taxes", and "The people know better how to invest their money than the Congress does", and "It's NOT the congresses money!" We've always known that higher taxes are really a punishment for success. Well finally the Dems have admitted it.

The hard work needed of A.I.G. executives in liquidating their bad assets and closing down unprofitable divisions led the insurance and financial company to offer "Retention bonuses" to executives who stayed on to work themselves out of a job. But because the government bailed the company out with 170 billion dollars congress got mad and demanded that those executives be punished. The governor of New York threatened to publish the names and addresses of the executives, even after death threats were made. Nancy Pelosi pushed through a bill to tax the bonuses of the executives at a 90% rate (does the term "ex post facto" mean anything to any of you self righteous people?) and was backed up by most of the congress, many Republicans included. They made no bones about this tax being a punishment for the hard work and commitment made by these executives.

So, now that it's out in the open that higher taxes are a punishment, I say we go for broke. Let's tax any elected official who earns any money other than his Government paycheck at a 90% rate. Heck, let's go for 95%. By the time the State gets their 10 or 15% they'll owe more than they earn. We all know they are using their powerful positions for profit. How else does Joe Biden become a millionaire? Or Barack Obama for that matter. President Obama got a 500 thousand dollar bonus, just before he took the oath of office, just to let his publisher turn his biography into a children's book (I sure hope they leave out the part of him smoking pot...and inhaling....after all "that's the point"....and snorting cocaine). He made 2.5 million on book sales last year, that's after he began running for President. Who can possibly deny that it's the fact that he is an elected official that is earning him that money? And who can deny that he owes somebody something for that money?

And while we're at it lets tax Hollywood stars who do political ads 1000% on any money they make in any year them make a political advertisement (or talk politics on Oprah for that matter....and let's tax Oprah for endorsing Obama). Heck, let's tax them for 5 years either side of any year they publicly talk politics. That might shut them up.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Morningstar Children's Home

Morning Star Children's Home is a wonderful orphanage in Nairobi Kenya. Please read about it here.....

You can also read more about the home and the children on this blog...........

.........set up by a wonderful missionary family from El Cajon CA.

Back to blogging?

I quit blogging when I found myself too consumed by politics. I don't know if I'll resume posting on a regular basis or not, or whether I'll include politics or not, but today, after reading that Hamas terrorists have fired over 100 rockets into Israel since Israel decided to let them live, a question came to mind and I decided to post it.

Where are the Human Shields? It would be so easy for them to pitch tents near the schools that Hamas is targeting. Why are they not protecting Israeli innocents from Palestinian murderers?

It can't be as simple as it seems...that of course the leftists who act as human shields only protect anti US and anti Israeli targets. Can it?