Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Incoherent Leftist Propaganda

The Independent On Line ran this commentary today (it was listed as "News"). It claims to show how the U.S. military ran a propaganda campaign designed to put out news stories about the Iraq war that are more favorable to the Coalition, and how the positive claims made were false. The problem is that the commentary does not disprove a single one of the Military's claims, but does prove the anti-war bias of the leftist Main Stream Media. Heaven forbid that positive stories get reported.

Here is an example...........Supposedly the "pro military" press ran this headline on 26 October 2005....Iraqi army defeats terrorism. The story put forth by the Bush propagandist Lincoln Group went like this......."With the people's approval of the constitution, Iraq is well on its way to forming a permanent government. Meanwhile, the underhanded forces of al-Qa'ida remain bent on halting progress and inciting civil war. The honest citizens of Iraq, however, need not fear these criminals and terrorists. The brave warriors of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) are hard at work stopping al-Qa'ida's attacks before they occur.
On 24 October, soldiers near Taji received a report that terrorists were stockpiling dangerous weapons. The soldiers found over 150 tank and artillery rounds. These munitions are similar to the ones that al-Qa'ida bomb-makers often use to construct their deadly bombs. The troops destroyed every last round, ensuring they will never be used against the Iraqi people.
Three al-Qa'ida mercenaries in Baqubah were planning to conduct a suicide vest attack. Officers of the Iraqi Police Service (IPS) spotted them as they drove towards their target. But then something happened. The would-be murderer lost his faith and leapt from the moving vehicle. One of the other suicide bombers panicked and detonated his vest while still inside the car, instantly killing himself and another accomplice."

Did you pay attention to the facts......dates, places, very specific incidents?

The Independent then claims this as "The reality check"......
"At least five Iraqis killed by suicide bomber on bus in Baqubah, north-east of Baghdad. Bodies of nine Iraqi border guards, who were shot dead, found previous day. Joint US-Iraqi convoy targeted by car bomb in al-Ma'mun area of Baghdad."

Is there a single fact in the Independent's claim that refutes anything stated in the "pro-military" report? What date did this "bus" bomber event occur? Does the "fact" that one suicide bombing occurred mean that others were not prevented? But the last sentence actually corroborates the "pro-military" version......."Joint US-Iraqi convoy targeted by car bomb......". Exactly...........targeted, but unsuccessful.

The MSM is running out of negative facts to report about this war, so they are making things up.

By the way...........The number of U.S. military personnel killed in action in Iraq has dropped DRASTICALLY. Has anyone seen or heard that reported anywhere?


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