Sunday, March 12, 2006

Politics once again

Recently I have refrained from writing about politics because I have come to believe that Bush Hatred (otherwise known as Bush Derangement to Powerline) has made rational discussion of issues impossible, except amongst like minded persons. Leftists and leaders of the Democrat Party are incapable of recognizing or telling the truth, and frankly, reading their hate filled comments on my blog is a waste of my time.

But now I find myself feeling the need to vent about certain pathetic and wimpy Democrat politicians and the bogusness of their contentions. Senator Russ Feingold and the completely worthless Rep. John Conyers are respectively calling for Censure and Impeachment of President Bush for "spying" on Americans without court issued warrants. The only people in American who take them seriously are like minded Bush haters and the mainstream media pundits who desperately want to see Bush fail, even if it means losing a war and sliding into a deep economic recession. The silly rants of these two will get hours of airtime, while the strong case for warrantless eavesdropping will be ignored.

If these political hacks (wholly owned by unions and the ACLU/abortionist/environmentalwhacko special interests) were serious about their stated intentions they would offer up legislation stating clearly that "ALL surveillance of Americans must be authorized by court issued warrant". But they know that this would fail miserably as most Americans want terrorists, both American and foreign, to be eavesdropped on and their plans interrupted. Not to mention that any such legislation would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL, for the President, not the Congress, has both the RIGHT and the duty to take whatever measures necessary in times of war to defeat the enemy!

I remember when Jimmy Carter was elected President. Being a supporter of President Ford and voting in my first election I was energized with the idea of making a difference. The Democrat supporters in the union shop grocery store I worked in understood my support for Republican ideas and programs, but believed a union supporting and peace loving Carter would be better for America. We discussed such things seriously and rationally. After four years of the Carter Presidency most Democrats I knew would not vote for the man again, and supported Reagan. We discussed such things. After eight years of Reagan the hardcore leftists and Democrat leaders began re-writing recent history and claiming that the eight years of Reagan were the "worst years in American history", but not many people took them seriously.

Then a couple of Arkansas politicians became very active in shaping the future of the Democrat Party, guiding it toward the appearance of centrist policies while actually promoting leftist policies. Part of their program was to demonize Republicans at every opportunity (remember the words "Worst economy in 50 years"?...or the "feeding Grandma dogfood".....or my personal favorite "tax breaks for the rich"). In 1992 these two rode into their co-Presidency on promises of "Middle Class Tax Cuts" and "Health Care for One and All", but delivered neither (having majority of Democrats in both the Senate and House of Representatives).

In 1994 American rebuked the Clintons by electing a Republican Majority who promised with their Contract With America to bring 10 specific issues to the floor of the Congress within 100 days of their rule. They delivered on that promise and passed 9 out of 10 of those issues. Democrats did not care that this was what Americans wanted, and soon blamed every bad thing that happened, from the Oklahoma City bombing and the Balkan wars to the stock market collapse on the "Contract ON America".

By 2000 the Democrats were well on their way to political insanity, needing only a George W. Bush to lead them over the brink (thankfully GWB gladly obliged them). GWB is responsible for not being tough enough against terrorism (pre-9?11), and for being to tough against terrorists (abu-Gharaib....GITMO....wiretaps....Patriot Act)....the murder of 100,000 inocents in Iraq, trillions in National Debt, world hunger, global warming, worldwide suffering, destruction of the environment, all greed, all corruption, the "Tone" in Washington DC.......on and on. Democrat voters continue voting for people who make these claims. Those voters are condoning and agreeing with their leaders, leaving the rest of us shaking our heads in disbelief.

Democrat leaders have seemingly jumped wholeheartedly into an abyss from which there appears no way of returning. They have so polluted political discourse in America that it is no longer discourse, rather it is a boiling cauldron of political lies, swallowing up the tidbits of truth as salt in a pot of soup. Yet salt will flavor the soup won't it. So we, Republicans, those on the right, patriots who believe in traditional patriotism and traditional values, must continue to tell the truth until the cauldron is so salty as to be throw out and a new pot started


At 4:42 AM, Blogger reichstag fire said...

If they hate our freedoms, they must be pretty glad we're getting rid of them.

At 7:32 AM, Blogger senorlechero said...

Hey may think your cryptic comments are meaningful, problem is nobody else knows the meaning.

At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geoff, this may not be a bad thing, in the end.

The Dems, in their fantacism, are showing that they differ little from Islamic terrorists (they've certainly demonstrated that they support the terrorists). The Dems may not plant IEDs, but they are working their way there - they trash vehicles with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers and threaten Republicans and throw pies in their faces during debates and lectures. When have you ever seen a Republican behave in that manner?

One poster in DailyKos said he pulled in behind a woman and her baby who were stranded on the side of the road in order to offer assistance. But when he saw a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on the vehicle, he pulled out and sped off.

Politics are more important to Democrats than being decent human beings, just as radical Islam is more important than being decent human beings.

Let the Democrats continue to show their true colors.


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