Friday, March 31, 2006

Military Deaths in Iraq WAY Down in March

You haven't seen this on the TV news, nor in most of the MSM, but Coalition military deaths in Iraq dropped drastically in March. Total number of military personnel killed in March was 31 (29 American), down from 58 in February, 64 in January, and 68 in December. In fact, the number of troops killed this month is the second lowest number since the invasion began (23 were killed in February '04). The average number of troops killed per month over the last year was 62, so this month was half the average of the past year.

These numbers do not include Iraqi troops, who clearly are being killed in greater numbers as the number of American deaths drops. That may seem to some as a gruesome tradeoff, yet the goal of the U.S. all along has been to have the Iraqi's do the fighting

This could be a fluke, and the number will rise, or it could be the beginning of a trend. I'm hoping the latter is the case. As the Iraqi military takes control of certain violent sectors of their nation, the U.S. and other Coalition troops will move to the background. Operation Swarmer was a great example of this, as are operations in the Qaim area near the Syrian border.

This is Great news. It was reported earlier this month by USA today, and again today by NPR, but why isn't it being reported by every news outlet? I'll tell you why. The MSM has too much invested in their anti-war, anti-Bush agendas to publish good news that may end up pointing out that Bush was right after all.


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