Monday, October 31, 2005

Debate in the Comments

I've been having a "debate" with two anonymous posters in the comments section of my last post (the one about Joe Wilson). Here is the latest comment by me..................

"Well I guess the anonymous poster (fellow christian) has disappeared. Too bad, I was really looking forward to what charge he/she would bring against me.

This poster pops into the middle of a conversation between myself and another anonymous poster and accuses me of being a person who "who claim they are Christians in this country spreading hatred and claiming that all Christians believe this or that."

When I responded, assuming it was the original anonymous poster, they posted this....."I am not the same person who posted previously. Your assumption is incorrect. I posted about learning in church that Christians are tolerant, forgiving, and conduct themselves in the image of the Lord. May I ask where you go to church sir? I would like to understand how a Christian organization could foster a person with such anger and bitterness.".....and signed off "A fellow christian"

Isn't it rich when a person attacks you with a baseless slur like that, doing the very thing they are charging another with?

Life is full of such rich examples of hypocracy, especially within the church (meaning the entirety of christendom).

So I pointed out that this person was violating the rules laid out in the bible for "confronting" a fellow believer who "sins" against you, and asked the person to make a specific charge.

Anyone want to lay down the odds of that happening.

In the meantime, the original poster reads my response to the "fellow christian" poster and assumes I am responding to him/her, and gets all bent out of shape because I pointed out the lack of righteousness in fellow christians attack

I guess we have two Bush haters who can't follow the thread of comments posting under the uncommon name "anonymous". No wonder were all confused.

So, to end the confusion I gave anonymous poster #1 the last word, which I don't think he/she used very well ("sticks and stones...etc.) and am posting this recap.


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