Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Powerline blog and the Harriet Miers appointment

This morning I read this post by Scott (the trunk) Johnson on Powerline. I especially took note of him saying that the appointment of Harriet Miers is a "blunder of major proportions". After a week of spinning like whirligigs the anti Miers conservatives seem to have settled onto the "She may end up being a good supreme court justice, but her appointment was a mistake because it snubbed Bush's conservative base" argument.

I sent Powerline the following e-mail....................

Dear Powerline guys.............Scott in particular

The "trust me" argument from the President may not be good enough for you (it should be) but it is for me, and most other supporters of GWB. He has a 100% success record in nominating conservative/constructionists for judicial nominations. Harriet Miers has been involved in every one of those appointments. GWB has earned our trust on this issue. The saddest thing about all of this arguing is that you (those who think the appointment is a "blunder of major proportions") don't think he has earned your trust.

Yesterday Laura Ingraham asked Fred Barnes if "results are all that mattered" in the supreme court. Confidently he answered "Yes". Laura huffed and said "Uh Hmmm"...........I could almost see her looking down her nose over horned rim glasses. To Laura it wouldn't matter if a Justice Miers voted correctly every single time.........Laura is right and that's that.

For those of you who disagree with the appointment it all comes down to you thinking you knew who was best for the job. Harriet Miers may very well vote ther correct way (from a conservative perspective) on every issue, but to you it will still have been the wrong appointment.

(I've made a few corrections and clarifications to the e-mail in tis post so my point is more clearly understood.......my apologies to the Powerline guys if what I sent them wasn't a clear)

Best Regards
Geoff Milke.......http://senorlechero.blogspot.com


At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geoff, Thanks for being a voice of challenge out there. On the same lines of what you are saying in this post, I came across a post by Holly Aho, on her Soldiers Angel blog, and I couldn't agree more with her comments on the subject...
"I think something strange has to be happening when such excellent investigative, hard-hitting bloggers fall short of the mark. My prediction is that there will be alot of 'Aahhh....I seeeee!' reactions coming soon, and those that displayed such weak trust in a president they worked so hard to have elected in the first place will feel a bit silly."


At 7:32 AM, Blogger senorlechero said...


I hope you are right that Mier's opponents will come around........but I'm not so sure. I think that most of the anti-miers sentiment in the republican party is coming from lawyers and commentators, not from the "base", and neither group is one to admit they were wrong.


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