Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Milbloggers".......I wish there were more of them

There is not much I'd rather read these days than what military personnel deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan write. One of the best sources of such writing is Ma Deuce Gunner. This post is a great example of how the men and women in our armed forces think. The final paragraph not only answers a skeptic's question, but tells the reader everything about this fine young soldier.

Click on the link and read it for yourself. It'll make you proud.


At 6:15 AM, Anonymous Lora said...

Thanks for the link Geoff. I've added it to my Favorites and will go check out the other posts at a later time. Some of the bloggers that I've been following are coming home so it's good to have some new blogs to read. Although, sometimes I find myself spending too much time doing so.

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Sandy said...

I agree, I have been challenged by several different Milbloggers and their determination and resolve in fighting this war on terrorism. What better perspective on what is going on over there than from the fine men and women that are actually LIVING it!! I have been following Ma Deuce Gunner... but I hadn't read the recent post ~ Excellent!!
I especially like the comments from his mother...
"As a citizen of the USA, a country founded by individuals of courage, who sought the blessings from God above; I thank you for verbalizing personal thoughts, that are obviously very hard to express. Your courage rings loud and clear, and will certainly overshadow the din of those in opposition.

Your willingness to share your convitions and resolve has done a great service for the citizens of our country, the USA, as well as for the citizens of Iraq."

Thanks to you too Geoff for your insight and voice, it is appreciated!


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