Monday, August 01, 2005

Update on 1st Sgt Brad Kasal

Not much has changed for the 1st the last month. Last week he saw a "Vascular" specialist who did a test which showed that Brad's veins and vessels appear to be working well. Brad's biggest concern has been the swelling and redness (I'd call it more like "purpleness".........sort of cooked beet color) in his leg when he de-elevates it. All the doctors seem to think that this condition will get better after the devise is removed and he can begin to work the muscles in the back of his leg.

He also had another X-ray which showed excellent bone growth, so it looks like the devise will really be coming off very soon..

Back in mid July my son Lcpl Tyler, and a friend of his, Lcpl John, as well as my young son Joshua and myself took Brad to the Gunshow in Del Mar . The 1st Sgt is a huge gun nut and had a great time looking at everything and giving us an education on every gun known to man. It was a pleasure for us, and good for Brad to get out and about for a few hours. It's pretty fun being a civilian and watching two young marines around the 1st Sgt. I thing both of the "little fellers" came away with a great role model etched in their minds. For that matter, so did little Joshua, who wants to know if the 1st Sgt is tougher than Lt. Shane Wolf (see the movie The Pacifier). I told him that Lt. Wolf wouldn't have lasted a month with the devise on his leg, making the 1st Sgt. winner of the "tough warrior" contest in Joshua's mind.

I will update after Brad's next Dr. appointment on Aug. 16th.

God Bless you all, and keep on praying for Brad.