Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Update on 1st Sgt Brad Kasal

***UPDATE*** Ssgt Viklund did not lose his leg. The infection was light and local and they knocked it out. He will be on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks or so, but has great hopes of keeping his leg. PRAISE GOD!!

1st Sgt Kasal had his monthly Dr. appointment Tuesday and is healing well and has excellent bone growth. He should have his devise removed in mid-late July (Brad had hoped for June but knows how important it is to make sure his bone is strong)

The 1st Sgt is a very self disciplined individual, which is a very positive thing right now. He exercises his leg every day, many times a day, gaining movement and strength, and also circulating blood through the leg, stimulating bone growth. He also cleans his wounds many times a day, which has so far kept him from having infections. The threat of infection with external fixating devises in huge, and can be devastating.

A while back I posted photos of 1st Sgt Kasal and one of his marines, Ssgt Viklund, who also has an external fixating divise. At that time Ssgt Viklund was doing great. But now he has developed an infection, and is facing the loss of his leg. He has a very difficult decision to make, and whatever he decides, he has a very tough time ahead of him.

Please pray for Ssgt Viklund as you pray for 1st Sgt Kasal