Saturday, May 07, 2005

Update on 1st Sgt Brad Kasal

1st Sgt Kasal is progressing very well in the area of bone growth and mobility, as well as attitude. The bone growth continues at a good rate, and in the past couple of weeks he has been able to move his ankle more and more, getting his foot to nearly 90 degrees (in relation to the leg). That's an improvement of 200% or better in just a few weeks. Getting his foot to 90 degrees is crucial if he is to be able to walk again, which he is confident of doing. He is able to stand longer and walk more every day, which should help with the pain and swelling (when he stands his leg and foot swell like a water balloon being filled with a firehose)

Brad has had a great few weeks. In addition to the good news on his leg, he was able to spend time with his mother and brother who came to visit him. While they were here he did many things with them, ranging from visiting a gun show to attending a memorial for the marines of 3/1 Weapons Company who were killed in Iraq.