Monday, April 25, 2005

Honorable US Senators

My wife and I just sent the following letter (in e-mail form) to the top 6 republicans in the US Senate.....

Honorable Senator ______________ (Frist, Santorum, McConnell, Kyl, Hutchinson, and Stevens)

Since we live in California, we have no representation in the US Senate. We are writing to you as lifelong republicans who worked hard in the last election to insure a larger majority for you.

But that majority is now threatened.

If you make a compromise deal with the democrats (who have demonized all of us republicans, as well as Bush's nominees) you are telling them they are right and we are wrong.

Please stand firm on this issue and stop the democrats filibuster of nominees.

If you let us down, and compromise, we will do everything in our power to get you, and any other republican senators who support compromise, out of office. It is better to be in the minority and know where you stand than to be in the majority yet unable to stand.

Geoff and Clyrinda Milke (whos son, Lcpl in the USMC, just returned from Iraq and supports Bush 100%)


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