Friday, April 15, 2005

What Filibuster?

Like most conservatives who want to see conservative Judges in the federal appeals courts, and ultimately the Supreme Court, I am disgusted with the Senators of my party. What a bunch of spineless wannabes they are. They have allowed the democrats to define the debate on judiciary appointments as being about "the right of the minority to be heard". The use of the "filibuster" is a time honored tradition in the U.S. Senate, and should always be there so the minority can be heard. Any senator can get up and talk on any subject for as long as he wants, or until 61 (this number has been changed over the years) of his or her fellow senators vote for "cloture" on debate. This allowed time for more debate, in hopes of changing minds and thus changing votes. Some time back the senate changed the filibuster and allowed senators to just say "I intend to filibuster", thus ending debate until a cloture vote can succeed.

The democrats have successfully gotten the media to put forth the idea that republicans want to "end the filibuster", and no republicans are speaking out against this idea. In fact, the republican senators are in hiding, hoping this issue goes away. The problem is that President Bush has maybe 1 more year to appoint judges before the dems call him a "lame duck" and start asking Hillary (the presumptive dem nominee) who she thinks should be appointed.

Republicans should force the dems hand, and make them stand up and talk, or the filibuster is over, just like in the movie "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington". In successful attempts to demonize the republicans, the dems are now running television ads depicting the famous movie, accompanied by lies about what it is republicans want.

I say call their bluff........use their arrogant ads against them.........and make them stand in the well of the senate and speak, just like Mr. Smith had to do.


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