Wednesday, April 13, 2005

S.F.B.I.E.D or .... More Military Jargon

This news report from Iraq caught my eye, and got my son, Lcpl Tyler very excited.

When the Baker company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment,(1/7) first arrived in Husaybah Iraq, the biggest danger to them was I.E.D.s, or Improvised Explosive Devises. The enemy (terrorists) used any explosive devise they can fine, usually large rockets or mortars, and sets them up in places they expect the U.S. military personel to be, basically creating "booby-traps". Sometimes they will dig up the asphalt roadway, place the bomb in the hole, basically creating a "pothole". They are usually detonated by remote control, often cell phones. The terrorists got very creative with I.E.D.s, (check out these photos of Humvees damaged/destroyed by IEDs) but the marines became very good at avoiding or detecting them. So the terrorists began putting the bombs in cars, creating V.B.I.E.Ds, or Vehicle Borne I.E.D.s. When the marines figured out how to avoid those vehicles, the terrorists began using suicide drivers to put the vehicles near the marines, creating S.V.B.I.E.D.s....................or Suicide V.B.I.E.D.s.

The reason this news excited Lcpl Tyler? A few months back Baker company got intel (a five letter word that refers to the information terrorists cough up when they are tortured by young marines........just kidding, sometimes they cough it up because they are such nice guys) that a fire truck was being set up as a S.V.B.I.E.D, or actually a S.F.B.I.E.D. The marines looked where ever they could for the firetruck, but never found it. Then yesterday, the marines of 3/2 India company found the firetruck, and blew it to smitherenes. The simple minded terrorists thought they could drive it right up to camp Gannon and detonate it. Good try Al Queda (they claimed responsibility), hope you keep up the good work. May you all go quickly to your 70 black eyed virgins.

Baker company also got intel that Zarqawi was hanging out in the area, but never got a chance to go look for him. May 3/2 India have success in that arena also, and send him happily to his virgins.


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