Thursday, March 24, 2005

Is the killing of Terri Schiavo Murder?

I am stunned by the events taking place in Florida where Terri Schiavo is being killed by starvation/dehydration due to the court ordered removal of her feeding tube. Authorities are also not allowing anyone to feed her or give her water, which according to testimony she is able to take. Make no mistake, Terri Schiavo is being killed, not dying a natural death.

I am unable to understand the reasoning behind the desire to kill her, and hope that no other person ever has to suffer what she and her loved ones (husband excluded) are suffering.

Does her killing amount to murder by the courts, lawyers and her husband? Immediately upon Terri's death Jeb Bush should order the States Attorney to seize her body, do an autopsy, and if her brain is intact, prosecute all parties on murder charges.

If in fact Terri's brain is intact (her husband and the courts have declared that her cerebial cortex is gone) then by the witholding of facts (many facts have been provided contrary to what the courts have found) she was in fact murdered by her husband.

In the United States of America do the courts do have the power to "order" people to kill other people? Our laws allow people the option of "dying" by natural causes if they so opt through proper channels. Death from "natural causes" means the bodys natural processes shut down and death occurs, ie. the lungs quit working or the heart stops pumping blood. Starvation is not a "natural cause", nor is dehydration. They are events caused by the direct actions of witholding food and water. It's the same as putting her in a room then removing the oxygen.............she would suffocate to death.

If in fact Terri's brain is mostly gone, and the only thing left is the core which makes her heart beat and her lungs function, then perhaps removal of her feeding tube is a merciful act (although I would never so opt). But if her brain is whole and functioning, and she could in fact get better with therapy (which her husband has withheld since the mid 90's) then killing her should be considered murder.

If anyone has contact with Jeb Bush please tell him to read this rant.


At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Answer: court ordered murder by an unholy alliance of Grim Reaper Greer, Michael "when is the bitch gonna die" Schiavo, George Felos (Fee Louse), and a so-called "Doctor" CranFRAUD: (note the date)

Posted: October 26, 2003
5:45 p.m. Eastern

By Sarah Foster
© 2003

A world-renowned forensic pathologist with over 40 years experience as a medical examiner is challenging the official version of early events in the Terri-Schindler Schiavo case, providing the parents of the brain-disabled woman with powerful ammunition in their battle to save their daughter's life from her court-ordered starvation death.

Interviewed on the Fox News Channel, Dr. Michael Baden, co-director of the Investigative Unit of New York State Police in Albany and former chief medical examiner for New York City, ruled out potassium imbalance and a heart attack as factors in Terri's mysterious collapse 13 years ago – which left her severely incapacitated and unable to speak – and pointed to head trauma and bone injuries as a more likely cause.

Baden explained to host Greta van Susteren it was unlikely for a woman of Terri's age at the time to have a potassium imbalance, unless she had certain types of diseases, which she didn't have.

"Too little potassium can cause the heart to stop beating properly and lead to lack of blood flow to the brain and death of brain cells by lack of oxygen, but that's very unusual, Greta, extremely unusual," he said.

That Terri's heart was healthy would rule out the likelihood of cardiac arrest, he said.

"The reason she's in the state she's in is because there was a period of time, maybe five minutes or eight minutes, when not enough oxygen was going to her brain," said Baden. "That can happen because the heart stops for 5 or 8 minutes, but she had a healthy heart, from what we can see."

Baden said he studied a bone scan made in March 1991 at a rehabilitation facility that describes her as having a head injury: "That's why she's there, that's why she's getting a bone scan."

"A head injury can cause, can lead to the vegetative state that Ms. Schiavo is in now," he continued, adding the scan showed evidence of other injuries, bone fractures.

Remainder of the article, as well as a LONG list of other related (and damming to the unholy alliance) article links HERE

This Place has also been leading the charge with a BOATLOAD of information conveniently not made available in the mainstream of a death culture. Of course everyone should take advantage of the petition seeking the impeachment of Nero...uhm...judge Grim Reaper Greer. That site has been horribly hacked. Hmm...? who is it that protesteth too much. The right to die cult is easy to spot. They're never concerned with someones Right To Live, including that of the unborn.

One doesn't have to be a detective, forensics expert nor conspiracy theorist to smell the stench of ugly that's afoot.

One *minor* detail overlooked by this unholy alliance of thugs: God is not mocked--what goes around WILL come around. And everything that's hidden in darkness SHALL be revealed in the light. Hopefully in time to save Terri from this barbaric execution.


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