Thursday, February 24, 2005

What's going on in San Felipe?

This morning I am driving down to San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. It seem odd to write the state and nation of such a legendary town. Here is San Diego everyone knows what and where San Felipe is. Every year thousands of College and High School students leave the U.S. and head south for "Spring Break". San Felipe is a top destination. During those weeks of March (occasionally early April) many young folks spend drunken days and nights of foolishness in the quiet and beautiful town on the Sea of Cortes. Many never return home, casualties of the foolishness that lured them there in the first place.

But this is not March and not Spring Break. No, this is February, time for the just as legendary SCORE "San Felipe 250". "What is that?" you say. It is the most fantastic off road race imaginable. Days of racing and pre-running in the desert finished off with meals of the best fish tacos on the planet are awaiting me, so I say "hasta la vista".

When I return I will fill in all the blanks and explain just what it is we do down there.


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