Thursday, March 03, 2005

Baja.........what could be better!!

Being in Baja sure can help put things into perspective. Hmmmmmmm??? (what literary devise is that?) I'm thinking that some people reading this may not know what "Baja" is. Baja is how we southern californians refer to Baja California Mexico. Baja is just south of us and runs from Tiajuana on the northern border to Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip. It is a peninsula jutting into the Pacific Ocean, with the warm water Sea of Cortez to the east of it. There are pine tree covered mountains rising to 10,000 feet above sea level (they get snow in the winter) and dry desert valleys where only rattlesnakes, skinny coyotes, and giant scorpions live (more creatures live there but these three may be the most plentiful). Baja is known for many things; great fishing, great off-roading, wonderfully hospitible residents, and unbelievable corruption, all of which make any trip to baja a complete adventure.

Anyway, I'm back, and maybe someday I'll tell adventure stories, but not this time. It's enough to say that I saw beautiful scenery, met nice people, drove really fast on dirt roads, and ate enough pescado y camaron tacos to keep a roadside taco stand in business for a month. I'm very satisfied, and thinking it sure is nice to live in the USA.


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