Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lcpl Tyler returning from Iraq

I have not posted lately. There were many things I had "deep" thoughts about, and could have blogged on, but the fact is my time has been used to prepare for the homecoming of our son, US Marine Lance Corporal Milke (marines never use first names.........but parents do) Tyler is currently in Kuwait (possibly Germany by now) on his way back to Twentynine Palms after battling insurgents in Husaybah Iraq for the past seven months. He intends to bring his two best friends home with him to El Cajon CA, and so we have been preparing. His friends are from Missouri and Arkansas, and will not get Leave until April 1, so their families are here in El Cajon with us, and will travel to 29 palms with us today to fetch the "boys" (all three are 19 years old).

We did not get much news from Husaybah, except a few reports from Fox New's Steve Harrigan , so we are hoping to hear many stories about it from Tyler When I return to blogging, in a week or so, I intend to tell the story of our marines time in Husaybah.


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