Sunday, April 10, 2005

Update on 1st Sgt Brad Kasal

Last Friday, 4/8/05, the 1st Sgt had his first Dr. appointment since the Bone Graft Surgery he had done on 3/29. The x-rays showed good bone growth in his leg and he has no infections (with 16 or more pins through his leg, and a 5 inch long incision infection is huge threat). He has normal sensations in his foot and toes, and can tighten most of the muscles in his leg (some cannot tighten due to the pin placement). He is very hopeful (as are we) that he will have the Halo Devise (click here to see a photo) removed in 6 to 8 weeks, but has accepted the idea that it may have to be on a bit longer than that sure to look at all 4 photos....

In the photos the 1st Sgt is standing next to SSgt Viklund, one of 1st Sgt Kasal's marines who was injured in Iraq by an IED. SSgt Viklund had 7 cm of bone destroyed in his leg and is having his leg "lengthened" in preparation for his own Bone Graft Surgery. Vicklund has a different type of "External Fixator" device than that of Kasal, but same basic the leg if at all possible. A year or two ago both men would be single amputees.