Friday, April 15, 2005

1st Sgt Kasal is doing GREAT!!!

1st Sgt Kasal had another follow up Dr. visit yesterday, and x-rays show excellent bone growth. He is ahead of schedule and very excited about his prospects.

Continue to pray for him, his leg, the doctors, nurses and technicians who are treating him, and for "his marines"

Today 1st Sgt Kasal was surprised by his marines with a "going away" party (he has been reassigned to a training battalion). He was lured to Camp Pendleton by friends who told him that several of his men were to recieve awards. Instead they honored him and presented him with a finely engraved 45 pistol and many sincere "thank-you"s and "good-luck"s. He is genuinely surprised and touched by the love and respect his marines have for him.