Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The problem with the US Senate

Spinelessness!! That's the only term I can come up with for the way some republican senators are acting. With John McCain leading the way they are letting the minority set the agenda for the future of this nation.

A showdown looms on the floor of the Senate, yet I fear that repbulicans will pack up their weapons and go home. They will claim that "it's better to live to fight another day", and "we avoided a catastrophic fight", yet we grass roots republicans will be left bleeding on the real battlefield.

Senator Arlen Specter, a man whose approach to politics and leadership I despise, had this to say about the crisis over judicial nominees....."If we fail to step back from the abyss, we will descend into a dark, protracted era of divisive partisanship". What? Is he nuts? Does he live in a cave, or is he just to busy rubbing elbows with the high and mighty in DC? Are we not living in times of excruciating partisanship? The democrats have called us every name from Satan to Hitler. They attribute to us evil motives in everything we find dear. They would legislated us out of existance if it were possible, and if these Senators keep it up, someday it will be possible.


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