Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who would be happy that 2000 service men and women have died in Iraq?

The Bush hating left of course. Check out these photos of the somber ceremonies held last night to mark the "milestone" of 2000 KIA in Iraq. Do they look happy to you? They look happy to me.

I guess they could chalk it up to their psychosis, but then they would have to admit that their hatred of President Bush is Pathologically Psychotic (is that redundant?)


At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Lora said...

The fact that this is being publicized so highly upsets me. Is the 2000th death any more significant than say number 852?
Each is important.
Each has a unique story.
Each has a family and friends.

The really sad thing is...These people, the ones in the pictures, I'm sure had this all planned far in advance of the 2000th death. Sitting like vultures waiting for the numbers to come in so they can parade around with their signs. Sad...just plain sad.

At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Sandy said...

Well Geoff, I think you and Lora have said it all! It just makes me so frustrated that they even view this as a "milestone" to you said in an earlier post .. where are the "stories" of the lives of these brave men and women??? They aren't "remembering them" or "honoring them" they are parading around like they have proven their point about the war (whatever that may be!!??)

We need to be honoring the lives of these "fallen angels" not having a "party"... we need to remember their lives and the sacrifices they made for us!


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